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February 2008



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Feb. 2nd, 2008

Unknown, Unknowns Part Six



Jan. 29th, 2008

Unknown, Unknowns Part Five

Dec. 19th, 2007

Unknown, Unknowns Series Part One

Well here it is finally, I hope that it meets your expectations.

Dec. 10th, 2007

Das tier in mir wolfen

So yeah, e nomine is so awesome....so very, very, very awesome. Must be my German heritage spinning forth. Anyway....stories...stories...balancing at the ends of my fingers. But for once its not kakashi and iruka *gasp*. No...my devious, wicked eyes have focused on another pair....Edward the III/ Gin Rummy from the Boondocks, yes I know...dont shoot me...I cant help it...my twisted little mind just thinks things it shouldn't  sometimes/....ah its the tier in mier wolfen (the beast in me). I have also be tinkering with a Hector/Isaac pairing because lets face it....Isaac....well...he...he....favors the men...mostly Hector. Ah so those are the thoughts threading, and smoldering in my tired mind. Soon they shall grace paper, the a computer screen, and then your eyes my dear friends.
There is also the real, none slash non perverted, no smut story that has been my burden for years, well a delightful burden anyway that is currently being written on...and re-written much to my editors disgust.

Nov. 25th, 2007

Mercury Falling

Authors Note: I am sure some of you will be disappointed that I tore away a very potential sex scene, trust me you will know where it should be. So in light of that, I promise you that the flash back will be the beginning of my little tale, so do not fear. This can follow Taste the Rain, or stand alone which ever you prefer. Yes I have an obsession with rain but I live in the middle of a desert so it’s just a joy when I get to see it. I am not entirely to proud of this one. Please review that’s all I ask

Disclaimer: Again I don’t claim them as my own, so I can only wish. Rated R to NC-17 for sex. You already know the pairing so I will not waste your time. Mercury Falling is what inspired me for this story, the words are mine just under a different pen name, AKA another one of my personalities. Again please review.

~Mercury Falling~

~Softly glimmering rings
Reflect the color of angel's wings

As Gabriel's voice sings on high
Spilling quick from the sky

Mercury color is falling
Drawn to stars clear bell calling

Washed down like a warrior's honed blade gleaming
Mixed with star light softly streaming

Light caressed of lovers souls dreaming
Swirling with their radiant glow dances

~Mercury is Falling~


The warm sweet breath of summer swept down on them, intoxicating and seductive. Swirling between their bodies and dancing ahead of them carrying with it the promise of a warm slow rain, whispering its oath to the shrouded night sky.

Iruka was smiling, a laugh trickling between his lips as his loose hair was taken and threaded through the fingers of the masquerading zephyr that was waltzing with them in the weak light of the stars. Their angelic essence was fading leaving behind the few magical moments that were ethereal and flecked with silver; the final gasping breath before the storm.

Behind them flickering with low voice of the storm were the soft tinkle of music and the spicy shimmering scents of wine, laughter, and gold. A carnival that carried an ancient name flung back into the blood streaked time of splendid emperors that dripped with jewels, and carnal celebrations that were danced under the cold moonlight.

Heat suddenly lashed threw the Copy-nin’s lithe body, snapping around his spine as a very vivid memory wrapped its fingers around his mind


He had been browsing through the many books that had lined the shelves that twisted around the walls of Iruka’s apartment. Ledges brimming with elegant thesauruses, exquisite dictionaries, worn teachers manuals, stained ninja leaflets, an entire row of books bound in beautiful brown leather etched with intricate aurulent designs that looked suspiciously like journals, novels of every type embossed with gold leaf and silver. It was one of these that had snared the Jounin’s attention, it was small and bound in soft gray leather was timeworn and alluring, the spine was lanced with the lustrous ink of a title that twirled across the dull surface of the cover.

Carnia, the word tasted sweet against the masked ninja’s lips. He pulled the enticing book from the shelf and settled him self on the couch. He idly flicked back the cover almost choking as what he saw. Images, dust flecked, ancient and beautiful; portraits of the twined bodies of lovers gasping in the throes completion surged, flaxen through his hazy vision.

“I see you have found one of my favorite books,” the Copy-nin swallowed hard his eyes lifting from the magnificent pages to fall on his lover. Half naked and dripping wet from the shower, Iruka softly smiled at him “Far better then anything Jiraiya’s twisted mind could up with ne?” Kakashi nodded silently his fingers curling into the leather cover as Iruka settled next to him, pushing his wet hair behind his ears and began to speak about what the thin, sliver of paradise was about.  

He could scarcely comprehend his lover had been telling him about the celebration as his mind was whirled away on a rather delightful fantasy. The Chunnin even had the grace to have a deliciously elegant blush dusting his cheeks when he had finished his unheard explanation. The room had suddenly become ardent for the Jounin, as he resisted the urge to hoist his lover over his shoulder and mirror the pictures he had just seen in Iruka’s tome.


He was torn from his fiery thoughts when he felt gentle fingers entwine around his own. Iruka was staring at him, his eyes flecked with gold and dancing with the playful fire of desire and love. A hidden leering smirk curved across Kakashi’s mouth and he pulled his beautifully flushed lover closer to his hip.

“Maaa, perhaps when we reach our apartment we could have a little Carnia of our own?” Iruka laughed pushing him self closer and slightly twisting his hips so Kakashi could fully feel him. He pressed soft kisses to the Copy-nin’s neck “Why wait?” he whispered his graceful fingers weaving a trail of fire down his lovers chest stopping to teasingly stroke his inner thigh.

A violent shiver cantered though the Copy-nin and he stopped in mid stride his fingers shifting to grip Iruka’s waist whisking him around so that he was pressed to Kakashi’s lean chest. Iruka swallowed the laugh that threatened to take him; he smiled and offered his mouth for a kiss before teasingly tilting his head away. Kakashi softly growled slipping his mask down to bite Iruka’s exposed neck. “Please don’t tease Ruka,” he softly hissed gridding his hips forward “I don’t think I could bear it….”

A mischievous flickered across Iruka’s face and gentle extracted him self from Kakashi’s grip gently clasping both of the Copy-nin’s hands in his own. The Chunnin’s eyes capturing the last feeble light of the stars as they were finally taken by the clouds of the storm. A symphony of wind and thunder rolled down the path thrusting past them, urgent and swift.

Iruka’s eyes darkened by the tempest of lust narrowed into wickedly impish slits. “You want me…,” he breathed, his was voice twisted curling with the shadow of a moan, dripping with the promise of aurous sensuality “then come and claim me.”

He let of Kakashi’s hands grinning taunting the stunned Copy-nin further “if you can.” Then he was gone in a swirl of lightening and laughter. The Jounin shuttered momentarily robbed of his ability to move and chase after his blithe lover. Never in his life had he seen something to bewitching, so ethereal…so ravishingly perfect.

Lust sudden careened through his veins, snarling though his blood, demanding and hot coiling loosely around his spine. Forcing his body to move, he began pursuing his infuriatingly teasing lover.

Rain began in a gentle mist warm and lascivious kissing Kakashi’s bare face trailing down the back of his neck. Trickling through the leaves, creating a gentle aria tainted the rich cry of thunder.

 His Chunnin was cleaver, and almost difficult to track. Though Kakashi could not help but think that the task would not be so difficult if his treacherous mind didn’t keep shifting to what exactly he was going to do with Iruka once he captured him.

Movement flickered to his right and he paused, his azure eye flicking to the east. There standing against the delicate threads of rain was Iruka. Storms were always Iruka’s demise, the Chunnin cherished concerto that the dark heavens provided. He craved this music, reveled in its ferocity, or waltzed with its calming beauty. It was a hunger that was never satisfied a thirst that was never quenched. His lover was so enticing when the skies wept that Kakashi could keep hardly his hands off him.

Slipping from his perch he prowled forward tense and impatient. He swiftly sprang forward catching the Chunnins hands in his own. He yanked his startled lover backwards voice laced with false malice. “I have caught you my teasing senobi, surrender now and I may refrain from shattering your will..”

Iruka laughed arching back again the Jounin nipping at his neck “Do your worst Copy-nin but you will never break me.”  Kakashi grinned twisting Iruka in his grip, releasing on of Iruka’s wrists he ran his fingers over his lovers scar tracing the path of a rain drop down his lovers cheek in a sweet caress. “Pretty little Chunnin.” he whispered Iruka smiled taking Kakashi’s wandering finger in his mouth softly sucking on the tapered digit his gleaming, russet eyes drifting closed

A moan tore its self from Kakashi’s lips and he sank to his knees, dragging Iruka down with him. The young sensei smiled releasing Kakashi’s hand in favor of capturing his lovers lips is a searing kiss. He pulled back his voice husky with lust “Want you….”

A ragged sigh shuttered though the lanky frame beneath him and the Chunnin suddenly found him self on his back pinned down with his wrists above his head. He slightly tested his lovers grip before turning his impish autumn eyes to Kakashi’s face “Is this torture that will break me?”

A heated snarl trickled past Kakashi’s lips and he rocked his hips forward agonizingly slow. “Break you?” his whispered sliding his hands under Iruka’s rain tight shirt “I will do more then that, I will make moan, writhe, and beg…I will make you scream my name to the Gods.”

Iruka trembled beneath him, the teasing fire still seething in his eyes. “Yes…” he groaned tilting his back parting his lips for another kiss. A silent request that Kakashi granted him, he lapped at Iruka’s lower lip slipping his tongue into his lover’s mouth drawing forth muffled gasps and moans.

His hands shifted lower trailing over taunt muscles, brushing beneath his lovers pant line to gentle caress the Chunnins inner thighs. The other ninja groaned, bucking forward as fingers made cold by the rain stroked his heated flesh. Iruka’s body convulsed and his eyes fluttered shut softly panting Kakashi’s name through gritted teeth.

The heavens cried on and wet cloths slide from heated skin, welcoming the cooling caress of the rain. Sobbing moans and wild cries of passion danced with hymn of the night, languid and passionate.

Kakashi drank this in, this music they were creating, delighting at how beautifully Iruka arched against him when his fingers stroked a sensitive stop deep inside him. Adored how the sensei cried out his name to the gods just as Kakashi had promised he would when he finally slide into the willing body in his arms.

The pace he set was deliberate and harsh causing moans to seep from Iruka’s passion parted lips with each thrust. Groaning in pain laced pleasure when the Chunnin dug his fingers into his scared back leaving trails of fire across his flesh. He gasped when release took hold of him thrusting him into an oblivion filled his lovers ragged cry of completion. The obsidian darkness shattered and he lay gasping on the wet grass his face buried in Iruka’s hair whispering words of love and promise in his lover’s ear. He heard Iruka’s breathless laugh and smiled against his neck.

“It seems the gods of the heavens liked out performance,”

Kakashi shifted leaving Iruka’s heat so he could pull the Chunnin against him. “What’s that my love?” he whispered kissing Iruka’s temple “Look at the sky Kakashi, there was a reason why I let you catch me here.”

The Copy-nin smiled turning his gaze to the sky. Water still threaded from the heavens, but the heavy lash of the storm had been spent and the gleaming light of the stars fell against the rain transforming the crystal droplets into quicksilver. It fell like gossamer, a tapestry woven by the fingers of the lords of the heavens, ethereal as silk spun of silver. Descending to earth like the fire flecked tears of seraphs, washing the earth clean.

It was a beautiful sight one that left Kakashi reeling, he felt Iruka shift in his arms. “Do you like it Kashi?” The Copy-nin murmured his approval finding the sight of his lover satisfied and bathed in the fading light of the stars far more divine then the mercury falling from the heavens.  

Nov. 23rd, 2007

Just Sexy

Um, I dont know if alot of people will agree with on this and truth be told I really font give a fuck if you do or not. But Jason Isaacs is just sexy, he is not that handsome but what ever it is he has it. Just sexy, so so sexy I love every role he plays from the deliciously wicked Colonel William Tavington to elegant evil of Lucius Malfoy. Naked or clothed, wizard of Dragoon Commander he makes me drool and lick my lips.
But any way I will be posting Mercury Falling soon,

Nov. 16th, 2007

Mercury Falling

well well my friends seems that I am registered for the spring semester *dances* so with that and my Ethics Exam out of the way I can focus all my attention on writing Mercury Falling, and can finally offer a small excerpt. This little tale is about what happens when Kakashi and Iruka get stuck in the rain (yes I have a rain fetish I live in the middle of the freaking desert so I only get to witness it every once in awhile and even then there is the constant fear of a tornado) this should be completed and up by Sunday.

The warm sweet breath of summer swept down on them, intoxicating and seductive. Swirling between their bodies and dancing ahead of them carrying with it the promise of a warm slow rain, whispering this oath to the shrouded night sky.

Iruka was smiling, a laugh trickling between his lips as his loose hair was taken and threaded through the fingers of the masquerading zephyr that was waltzing with them in the weak light of the stars. Their angelic light was fading leaving behind the few magical moments that were ethereal and flecked with silver.


Nov. 14th, 2007

My fingers....

Are bloody from typing at the damn key board! Notes, and essays and notes and my stories, smut and fantasy. *sigh* and authors work is never done, lol. But I feel better today then yesterday, waking up at five in the morning is a screaming bitch. However at least so progress has been made though the sea of paper work and homework piled on my desk. If someone tells you professors slack off at the end of the semester, punch them in the face, hard.

Nov. 13th, 2007

Waltz Of Stars

Sorry this isnt my story just a little note saying that I am writing another one, hopefully I will be able write an actually sex scene in this one. However the wait might be a little long since this week is dum, dum, dum EXAM WEEK *screams* so it may be up this week end or not, it just depends how I procrastinate, which determines a lot of things actually.

Nov. 9th, 2007

Taste the Rain

Disclaimer:   *waves* I’m new here and this my first attempt to write a Kakashi/Iruka *hides in corner* so please be gentle. Of course you already know the pairing. I do not claim Kakashi or Iruka as my own, though I wish that I did *pouts* so please don’t sue I have no money to give you. The rating for this is NC-17 for sex mostly but also blood, gore and well some scenes that are not for the squeamish.

Authors Note: This may blossom into a series, but we shall see what happens as my writing progresses. If it does happen to manifest into something more then this then the next segment will be called Mercury Falling.


Taste the Rain

~ Call my name and save me from the dark~ Evanescence


Kakashi shivered, the heavy essence of blood curling around him, crawling down his throat. Death shrouded him, choking him wrapping its festering fingers around his throat in a rotting, grotesque caress. Two weeks ago he had been summoned to implement a task that required his finesse as an assassin. It had gone horribly awry spinning out of his grasp and twisting into a bloody crescendo that had spiraled to a swift and violent halt.

His memory was seared with screams brimming with agony torn away and silenced by merciful steel. Spilling over with portraits of ripped flesh peeled away from splintered bone, and throats carved open in dripping crimson smiles.

 The white porcelain of his mask was spattered with blood and his black uniform was dyed an even harsher obsidian and clung wetly to his body. It had been a bloodbath…a necessary slaughter.

Behind him bathed in the silver threads of baptismal moonlight drowning in the lustrous mercury of the stars hung the mangled bodies of a clan of rouge ninja. Butchered beyond recognition, staining the earth scarlet, their eyes flung open to death.

The Jounin could still feel their glazed stares watching, accusing whispers spilling from mouths trickling with blood, even as the darkness swallowed his lithe gore-smeared form. He was fleeing from death, evading its clutching hands but he knew one day, he would fail, he would be caught, and slain.

Or… that was what he once though…before…he claimed something other then the village to protect, before he had someone that blazed through the fog of gore and blood that cloaked his life. He could never escape that he was killer, trained to steal lives with out pity, commanded slice families to shreds, ordered to stain his hands with their blood…and relish it.

But he could shun that suffocation that death brought him in the darkness when he was alone. This treasured gift that the gods had graciously bestowed upon him.

Beneath his blood soaked mask Kakashi smiled his thoughts of death chased away by the thought of his beloved. Hmmm, of his naked beloved arching his back writhing and moaning. The smirk spread to a leer, perhaps perversion would be his downfall instead of death? He could only hope…

Thunder roared across the sky accompanied by a twist of lightening, an overture to a raging tempest. Kakashi rolled his eye up to seething heavens blinking when a warm droplet of water splatter against his hitai-ate and rolled down the edge of his scar. The sky was broken again blazing with tendrils of rain. In moments his silver hair was drenched the water trickling from his body tainted a light pink. Ahead of him looming against the lashing sky was his village and beyond that the warm embrace of his lover.

He leapt to ramparts that surrounded Konoha and began bounding along the roof tops a silent wraith in the streaking rain. He slowed his swift pace when he approached his home already tasting his lover, whispering his name “Iruka.”

He sensed his chakra before he saw him standing on the roof of their apartment arms stretched to boiling heavens, a prophet invoking the gods. Kakashi swallowed as he drew nearer, Iruka was naked from the waist up dressed only a pair of black silken pants that clung suggestively to his ass. Warm water ran down a well muscled back toned from hours of writing lessons on a chalk board. His head was tilted back his hair unbound falling across his back like amber silk; hiding the long scar that ran jaggedly along his spine.

            The Copy-nin felt lust sweep though his body, snarling though his blood, primal and hot. He slunk forward prowling forward sleek and deadly. His eyes narrowed in anticipation as he crept closer, and wrapped his arms around the teacher’s narrow waist. He felt his lover tense his hands swiftly clutching at his wrists his breath hitching in his throat. Kakashi chuckled nuzzling the side the Chunnin’s neck brushing a light kiss across the tender skin. “Iruka,”

            The younger man immediately relaxed leaning against his slim lover rolling his head back so it rested against the Kakashi’s black clad shoulder. He took a deep breath flinching “Kashi, you smell like blood…are you injured?” He tried to twist in the Jounin’s grasp but his lover tightened hold preventing him from fully turning around. “No Ruka…it’s not mine.”

            He closed his eyes as he the words left his mouth half expecting Iruka to pull away from him in disgust. But only a sigh whispered from his lover’s lips and a gentle kiss was placed against the side of his masked neck “Taste the rain with me Kakashi” there was a slight pause then he felt Iruka rock his hips back “dance with me, let me wash you clean,” Kakashi heard his breath catch he moaned and began moving with the Chunnins fluid rhythm. It made him mad with desire how his Chunnin could weave words that were so deliciously dirty, into something ethereal and innocent. He smiled his fingers dancing a searing path along his lover’s rain slick belly before sliding lower.

            Iruka gasped shuddering, arching into his lover’s fiery touch his amber eyes closed in bliss.  Kakashi lapped at the young man’s shoulder tasting rain made sweeter by his lovers own spicy flavor. It always sent him to the brink of oblivion. He tasted of everything Kakashi wasn’t, a fiery cordial that was addicting, a mixture of sunlight, amber, spiced rum and hot, humid nights threaded with gold. It left the Copy-nin reeling, his senses craving more of the alluring caramel skin or that spice. It was one of the many things about Iruka that drove him wild.

            The Chunnin was whimpering now his autumn eyes half lidded and glazed his body shivering each time Kakashi thrust against him. He was murmuring his Jounins name in broken whispers his lips slightly parted “Kiss me?” his tone melodic with lust, breathless and begging. Kakashi allowed Iruka’s questing fingers to slip beneath the hem of his mask drawing it down until it pooled wet and blood stained around his neck.

            The kiss was scalding rivaling the lightening that torn at the heavens above them. Iruka moaned licking at his lover’s lips, his tongue mirroring the movements of his hips and Kakashi’s hands. The Copy-nin growled softly nipping at his lover’s swollen lips. He reluctantly released the Chunnins mouth a wicked thought suddenly clawing at what was left of his senses.   

Licking a smoldering path down the Chunnins neck he and bit down just below his lovers pulse. A tremor coiled through him as Iruka softly groaned in pain tainted pleasure. After a moment the Jounin relaxed his lean jaws his words swirling away lost to the ripping gales of the storm. “So good Ruka…you taste s-so good.” He licked slight trace of bruise that marred Iruka’s flesh. He slowed the pace of his grinding hips to a torturously languid rhythm, enjoying the heat that flickered through his lower regions.

He heard a soft whimper of protest and felt his Chunnin begin to writhe in his arms, he grinned tightening his grip and returned to the task of branding his lover. “I am going to make you mine,” he hissed stilling his thrusts leaving Iruka arched and panting. Words falling from the Chunnin’s trembling lips like water “Then mark me Kakashi…m-make me yours.”   

Heat wound down the Jounins spine and he shuttered his resolve shattering when blood trickled into his mouth. He began moving his hips again forcibly pushing against the younger man wrapped so tightly in his arms. He closed his eyes against the smoldering fire that was lashing against him, focusing on the wonderful sounds that fell from Iruka’s throat. A melody that blended perfectly with the symphony of the rain a pure seraphic song that curled around him that made him forget what he was, if only for a few precious moments.

His fingers began to stroke in time with his hips and he savored the tremors that swept though Iruka’s lean body. He wanted to hear his lover’s completion to be consumed by it, to drown in it. He tilted his head down and licked the wound he had created whispering “Come for me Iruka,”  his was voice panting, begging “please… I want to feel it…I want hear you call my name.”

The Chunnin drew in a rattling breath, laugher waltzing from between his parted lips “Pervert,” Kakashi felt a leer curve across his face and nipped at his shell of his lovers ear “Hmmm I don’t hear you complaining.” Iruka moaned his eyes flickering closed again when Kakashi gently tightened his grip. The Chunnin bit down on his lower lip almost crying out his writhing becoming frantic, a blush painted across his cheeks.  One of the Copy-nin hands left lovers thrashing hips pushing up his hitai-ate reveling his smoldering Sharingan. He wanted to relive this moment until he drew his last breath, when he was alone in the stifling night, this would save him from the darkness.

The Jounin bucked forward swallowing when Iruka suddenly when rigid in his arms proclaiming his passion and love to the churning heavens. Kakashi grit his teeth as his own release roared though his veins shattering him pushing him to the edge of the gaping abyss before ripping him away from its very brink. He was tumbling down in flaring embers of broken passion and sated lust and Iruka was falling with him, smiling at him telling him he loved him.

This was purity that Kakashi thirsted for yearned after more then anything else in this life. Iruka had granted this treasure to him generously, the Chunnin quelled this addiction far better then anyone ever had hoped to do so.

He devoured this untainted love that was only his, would willingly sacrifice him self for its owner. Iruka was his innocence, his baptismal rain, his savior from the darkness.